Authored By: Cole Millare

sealcoat imageYour typical sealcoat may take up to 24 hours to cure (dry to the touch and a tack free surface). What this means for you is that you’re keeping your tenants out of their parking stalls or are interrupting customer parking for at least a day. Realizing this issue, we’ve brought in a sealcoat product that cures in about 8-9 hours. What this means for you is that your tenants are only removed from their parking stalls for less than half a day.

We understand that whether you’re running a business or managing a property, taking care of your asphalt will inconvenience tenants. That’s why we use a quick cure sealcoat and perform work in phases.


What it means for commercial businesses:

Work can be done in phases and if needed, overnight, to minimize inconvenience to your business. For example:

We did an asphalt sealcoat for Pier 38, which is home to many businesses (Nico’s, Uncle’s, POP Fishing & Marine, Honolulu Fish Auction, and more). We performed most work during the night to minimize the inconvenience to businesses. We’d apply two coats during the night (starting around 9:00pm) and by morning (about 6:00am) regular traffic could drive over the area.


What it means for property managers:

sealcoat for aiea propertyWork can be performed during the weekday and by the time your tenants return home from work, it’s OK for them to drive on the asphalt and park their car. Work can be broken into phases if you have a large area. For example:

We sealed eight parking lots for a property in Aiea during a four week period. We sealed one phase at a time, with work starting at 8:00am. Tenants were able to park by 6:00-7:00pm.

Whether your asphalt needs to be sealed during the day or night, we’ll work to minimize any inconvenience to your customers or tenants. We’ll use the necessary products and strategy to make sure your project goes smoothly and your customers and tenants are minimally affected.  

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