Striping and Marking for Hawaii's parking lots and asphalt pavements
What to look for in the best parking lot striping company

Proper pavement striping and marking is important to maintaining a safe parking lot. Old, faded markings may misinform visitors to your property about where to go and where to park. G P Maintenance Solutions can help you by painting the lines, arrows, lanes and curbs of your parking lot.

Quality Products

We will use quality road paint created to stand up to the daily sun and traffic that Hawaii’s roads experience. The paint is designed to be non-skid even in wet conditions and after much use. The paint is designed for either asphalt or cement & to be low-VOC and odor for your convenience. Our painting applicator is designed to reduce overspray to eliminate complaints from neighbors or customers.

Experienced Professionals

You can be assured that all markings will be consistent with National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) regulations for appropriate similar speed & roadway environment. We have the experience to paint the correct markings for you to comply with the latest ADA requirements for handicap access.

Minimize disruptions

We also specialize in breaking up a large job into smaller sections to limit inconvenience and allow you to keep the parking lot open. We will block off the area to be painted and allow traffic to proceed away from the work being done. We can also schedule painting during evenings or early mornings to minimize disruption to business hours.


Our Services:
  • Pavement Striping
    • Parking Stall Lines
    • Handicap Stalls
    • Loading Zones
    • Center Lines
    • Traffic Arrows.
    • Numbers
    • STOP Bars
    • Handicap Markings

Click here to view photos of our striping & marking work.