Authored By: Cole Millare

In July 2012, Pier 38 Fishing Village, home to popular restaurants Nico’s and Uncle’s, planned to repave their entire lot. With a couple million dollars budgeted for the work, we stepped in and helped management save over $1.5 million.


The Challenge:

Pier 38 Parking Lot Before

In general, a typical pavement will last about 15-20 years with average traffic load. The pavement at Pier 38 was around 10-15 years old. However, due to the nature of the establishments at Pier 38, the pavement would get pounded weekly by larger vehicles like garbage and delivery trucks. Larger vehicles mean more load for your pavement to support, which can wear it down quicker. Management planned to repave the entire lot and budgeted a significant amount of money to do so.


The Solution:

That’s when we came in. Upon closer inspection of the pavement, we found that only about 6% of the area actually needed to be repaved. The other 94% of the area was still in relatively good condition. We recommended management to just repave the 6% that needed to be repaved and sealcoat the rest of the pavement.

seal coating would protect the pavement from oxidation and provide a smooth, dark charcoal color surface—making the pavement look brand new. But the best part was that the cost to sealcoat is a fraction of the cost to repave.

Management loved the idea and accepted our recommendation. An outside contractor repaved the worst parts, and we sealcoated and re-striped the pavement. To make sure the project did not negatively impact the surrounding businesses, work was performed in phases and during the night. 

The Outcome:

Instead of spending a couple million dollars on repaving, management spent a few hundred thousand dollars to take care of their pavement. By saving over $1.5 million, management had the cash flow to support other projects.

We also helped management setup a pavement maintenance plan.  The pavement at Pier 38 will be inspected annually and recommendations as to whether or not certain areas need repaving will be given. Additionally, about every three years the lot will need to be sealcoated due to the high volume of traffic going in and out of the site. By sticking to this pavement maintenance plan, management can expect their pavement to last another 15 years.

You may view project completion photos here

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