Extend the operating life of your HVAC/R

The MicroGuard clear treatment retards corrosion on the non-ferrous metal fins and tubes, and helps maintain good air flow efficiencies. This protective treatment is inorganic and does not support mold growth. It also repels dirt and other debris, so fins and coils are easily cleaned. The MicroGuard HVAC/R treatment is designed for use on coils, fins, tubes, fans, and cabinets.

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Extend operating life in salt air and other harsh environments

Substantiated by salt chamber tests using ASTM B-117, coated aluminum fin stock was subjected to well in excess of 6000 hours in a salt spray chamber and showed no consequential degradation due to corrosion, 30% better than the next closest competitor. 

ASTM B-117 Salt Chamber Test

Save up to 15% or more in energy costs

Testing by both independent third party sources and by numerous internal studies has shown that HVAC/R Units coated with MicroGuard protective treatments will operate more efficiently. Results can vary and periodic cleaning of the coils and fins will contribute to maintaining the efficient operation of the unit. 

You can read the product test reports:

Summary of Field and Laboratory Tests of the ADSIL Coating



MicroGuard HVAC/R protective treatments can be installed on units before field installation, or on previously installed field units. 

HVAC/R Coatings

MicroGuard AD35 HVAC/R Coil & Fin Clear Protective Treatment