Authored By: Travis Furumoto

hardware store imageThe problem with pothole patches from hardware stores is that they are temporary patches. They're not meant to last for more than a few months (thus the relative "cheap" price). If you need temporary relief and plan to fix the pothole within the next few months, then pothole patches from hardware stores are alright. 

However, if you're unable to fix the pothole in the next few months, your pothole will return. 

Why pothole patches fail:

pothole filled with waterMost pothole patches will fail because they have surface voids which will allow water to enter into the pothole (remember, water damage to your asphalt's base course is the reason for the pothole forming).

  • Once water gets back into the pothole, the base course becomes damaged and it won't be able to sustain vehicle loading.
  • As more vehicles go over it, more cracks will form in your pavement and enlarge the pothole.
  • After a few months, you've got another pothole, and you'll have to get more material and have your maintenance staff patch it again.
What you should do:

If you're going to use a pothole patch material from a hardware store, be sure that you plan to actually fix the pothole in the next few months (not sure how to fix a pothole? We'll help you with that). 

If you don't plan to fix the pothole in the near future and need more time (one to two years), then consider using a pothole repair material such as Instant Road Repair. Instant Road Repair can be:

  • Installed by your own maintenance staff with minimal equipment (broom, shovel, rake, and a vehicle to compact the material).
  • It can be applied in incelement weather 
  • It will give you more time to figure out a long term solution to fixing the pothole

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