Authored By: Travis Furumoto

bad potholePotholes develop because your asphalt pavement has become oxidized; leading to cracks in your pavement which allows water to enter and damage your base course. If not addressed in a timely manner, pothles will get larger and become a safety hazard for motorists and foot traffic.

Most pothole patch materials you find at hardware stores are meant to provide temporary relief, meaning the patch is meant to last a few months, and no more. If you don't address the pothole within that span, the pothole will return. This is because most pothole patch materials allow water to seep back into the base, causing the pothole to become larger.

Wouldn't you rather repair potholes instead of patching them? 

Instant Road Repair is a permanent pothole patching material that can be used even if the pothole is filled with water. When I say "permanent," what I mean is that the material will last anywhere from one to two years (instead of the few months pothole patch materials last). This gives you more time to determine a long term plan to addressing the pothole (for example, you could budget for next year to dig up and repave the damaged area). 

Instant Road RepairThe Details
  • Instant Road Repair comes in a 50 lb. bucket
  • One bucket will fill about 2' x 2' x 1" deep compacted; approximate yield: 1/3 cubic ft compacted

You can either purchase the material and repair the pothole yourself, or we'll repair the pothole for you. It's a relatively simple process, and we can provide a demo and/or train your own maintenance staff on how to use Instant Road Repair.

Watch the demo video:

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