Authored By: Brad Tom

MicroGuard® has shown to be very effective in extending the life of HVAC/R equipment and save energy. With a single coating your HVAC/R unit will have a glass -like film that will provide corrosion protection and mitigate mold growth.

Case study: Buckeye Paper Mill - Florida

The Buckeye Paper Mill was concerned that their HVAC units were corroding quickly with the chemicals used during the paper production process. The humid year-round weather and the exhaust from the plant, was taking a toll on the equipment in the plant. The air conditioning equipment units were having to be replaced considerably sooner than was expected.

They decided they needed help to extend the life of their equipment and reduce their capital equipment expenditures over the long term. A plan was made to coat the non-ferrous metal to help extend the useful life of the HVAC units. 24 months after application of the MicroGuard AD35, the fins and tubing are still bright and shows little effects of environment. Whereas the un-coated piping shows extreme corrosion and loss of heat transfer after only just 4 months. The absence of corrosion is most obvious after comparing it with surrounding equipment.

The MicroGuard AD35 coated equipment also provided a surface that has a “repelling”action to mold and dust. This feature allows the units to operate more efficiently by keeping everything cleaner and free of mold. Fins and coils are easier to clean during normal maintenance cycles. Having less mold and debris in and around the unit is the most significant variable for maintaining better indoor air quality.
Testing by both independent third-party sources and by numerous internal studies has shown that HVAC/R Units coated with MicroGuard® protective treatments will operate more efficiently and can save up to 15% or more in energy costs. Results can vary, and periodic cleaning of the coils & fins will contribute to maintaining the efficient operation of the unit.