Authored By: Kori Murray

graffiti photoThe key to removing graffiti is to catch it as soon as possible. The longer it is allowed to sit, the harder it becomes to remove. But it’s simply not realistic to be able to watch every surface and act as soon as the surface is tagged. That’s where MicroGuard comes in. When applied to surfaces, it allows you to easily remove graffiti, no matter how long it’s been there. 

How do I remove graffiti after MicroGuard has been applied?

Removing graffiti after MicroGuard has been applied is easy! All you need to do is spray the tagged area with a graffiti remover and then wash/rinse the wall down. You could also use a pressure washer at 300psi if it’s needed.

Watch this video to see how easy it really is to remove graffiti: (if you're short on time, skip to the 0:40 mark)

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the scope and size of the surface. Generally, it will cost $2-$5 per square foot for a 1,200 or larger square foot area. If the area is less than 1,200 square feet, then the price per square foot will increase.

What surfaces can it be applied to?

MicroGuard’s anti-graffiti coating can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • Stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Signs
  • Concrete
  • Painted surfaces
  • Natural stone

MicroGuard is a great solution to protect painted metal, bathrooms, interior and/or exterior walls, and elevators.

However, we wouldn’t recommend the MicroGuard coating to be applied to plastic or flexible surfaces. 

What does it protect against?

MicroGuard will protect your surfaces from:

  • Spray paint
  • Crayon
  • Inks
  • Permanent markers

How long does the coating last?

The MicroGuard coating can last 10+ years. The longevity of the coating depends on how graffiti is removed. If a non-abrasive product is used to remove the graffiti, the coating can last more than 10 years. Abrasive products will remove the MicroGuard coating.

Does the coating harm the existing surface?

No, the MicroGuard coating will not harm the existing surface in any way.

Can I demo the MicroGuard Anti-Graffiti coating?

Of course you can! Just give us a call or contact us online to schedule a FREE demo.

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