Authored By: David Takiguchi

parking-lot-1.pngAs a property manager or owner, each day you’ve got a hundred items on your “to-do” list and the challenge is prioritizing each item. What needs to be taken care of now? What can wait? The problem is, if you wait too long, a small, minor issue that “can wait,” could turn into a large, costly issue down the road.

Below are five simple Dos & Don’t's for proper parking lot and facility maintenance:

  • Don't allow lawn sprinklers to direct water onto your parking lot’s pavement –it will cause deterioration of your pavement
  • DO make sure the sprinklers are directed to drain through the grass or lawn
  • Don't allow water to stay on the pavement—otherwise it will puddle and pond
  • DO make sure that storm drains and gutters are clear so water flows off of pavements as quickly as possible
  • Don't place signs, trees, plants, and mailboxes in the sight line around corners and curves in the road or parking lots
  • DO make sure there is a clear view for motorists in order to prevent accidents
  • Don't place trash bins in the back of the parking lot when being picked up
  • DO move them to the main road curb for pick up; this will minimize heavy loads on your pavement
  • Don't delay pavement maintenance
  • DO stay on schedule for maintaining your pavements to maximize your investment and minimize your life cycle budgetary needs for your facilities pavements
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