By Brad Tom
December 2023

Is there an alternative to stripping and waxing commercial floors that saves money, improves safety, and is less time consuming? Yes, there is! Adsil, the makers of MicroGuard1high-performance inorganic coatings that preserve, prolong, and protect equipment and property, has formulated a new siloxane-based hard surface coating that is easy to apply and outperforms the outdated strip-and-wax floor care.

Stripping and Waxing is Not Sustainable.
The strip-andwax procedure is a labor-intensive process that involves removing all existing layers of wax before applying multiple coats of new wax. This method is time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous, particularly for larger commercial spaces.

While stripping and waxing may provide a glossy finish, the wax layer is not durable, gets softer over time, and traps dirt, degrading the floor’s appearance quickly necessitating frequent maintenance. Stripping floors repeatedly can cause damage to the original surface, accelerating the expensive need for replacement.

Industry experts suggest stripping and waxing two times per year to maintain the finish. This method of floor care requires repeated service calls as well as shutting down your facility to traffic while they work for the life of the floor. This is not sustainable. There IS a better way!

Meet Your New Go-To Coating – MicroGuard1®.
A single application of MicroGuard1 1500 (MG1-1500) provides a long-lasting, beautiful, sustainable, high-traction finish that protects tile & grout, stone, terrazzo, non-ferrous metal, painted metal, and concrete surfaces from corrosion, abrasive wear, mold, odor, graffiti and chemical attack. Surfaces coated with MG1-1500 require only a wet mop to maintain its luster - no harsh chemicals, no bi-annual stripping.

Durable, Safer Floors.
According to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council, waxed floors are more likely to contribute to slips and falls due to their smooth surface lacking traction. Wax molecules are large and fill in natural surface groves, creating a flat surface that is prone to slip hazards. A surface treated with MicroGuard1 1500 (MG1-1500) is proven to deliver a high-traction surface reducing the potential for slipping. Anti-Skid Additive can be added to the MG1-1500 coating to increase traction even more in places like commercial kitchens, automotive repair bays, handicap ramps, public walkways and more.

Mitigates Fungal and Microbial Growth.
MicroGuard1 1500 (MG1-1500)is inorganic and will not feed mold, mildew or microbes like an organic coating can. MG1-1500 is also hydrophobic so coated surfaces repel dirt and other debris resulting in significant, measurable reductions in cleaning and maintenance costs. Grout lines will be completely sealed by MicroGuard 1 1500, and grout odors caused by accumulating oils, grime, dirt, urine, mold, spills, etc., are eliminated.

Sustainable with Verifiable Return on Investment.
A floor coated with MicroGuard1 1500 lowers maintenance costs, lowers life cycle costs, and increases lifecycle expectancy, saving money. Treated surfaces are easily cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner and mop. MG1-1500 is routinely applied to surfaces in hospitals, restaurants, department stores, airports and anywhere high traffic requires safety, sustainability and minimizing of closing areas off for routine maintenance.


  • Unmatched Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-4060)
  • Mold, Mildew, Fungus, Germ, Bacteria Mitigation (ASTM-G21 rated zero, no microbial growth)
  • High traction, Wet or Dry  (ANSI/NFSI B101.3 DCOF)
  • Easy to Clean, Low Maintenance
  • Very High Gloss (Matte Finish Option)
  • Stain-proof, Nonstick, Repellent Finish
  • Outstanding UV Resistance, Non-yellowing
  • Enhances the Color of Decorative Stone
  • Interior or Exterior Installations
  • Extends Asset/Property Life
  • Eliminates the Need for Waxing & Buffing

This coating has been used by NASA as the protective treatment system of choice to enhance and protect the many surfaces in and around the Kennedy Space Center located at Cape Canaveral, FL.