Authored By: Travis Furumoto

You might have seen the Hawaii News Now story about graffiti in Waikele (if not, you can read the story on Hawaii News Now).

For the past 15 years, the Waikele Community Association has paid to powerwash a wall  that is getting tagged. This wall faces Kamehameha Highway. The association is now requiring homeowners to buy paint and paint over the tags themselves.

Powerwashing and painting over the tags are common methods of graffiti removal. But over time these methods become expensive and time consuming. 

There's a better way to remove graffiti:

MicroGuard's Anti-Graffiti coating is a surface treatment that provides protection against the attachment of

  • paint 
  • crayon 
  • inks 
  • other markers used for graffiti or tagging

Once you treat the surface with the anti-graffiti coating, graffiti can be removed using alcohol and paint thinner.

Watch the video below to see how easily graffiti was removed from surfaces after being coated with MicroGuard's Anti-Graffiti coating (skip to 0:39 second mark if pressed for time):

MicroGuard's Anti-Graffiti coating can be applied to:

  • painted metal
  • benches
  • bathrooms
  • interior/exterior walls
  • elevators
  • stainless steel,
  • non-ferrous metal 
  • painted or bare masonry
  • concrete

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