Authored By: Tricia Louie

A couple weeks ago we talked about the special protective surface coating called MicroGuard. While it's commonly used as an alternative to waxing facility floors like restrooms, showers, and walkways, it can also be applied to other surfaces. 

Let's take a look at some before and after photos showcasing how good your surface looks after MicroGuard is applied. 

Restrooms & Showers

MicroGuard Restroom Before

MicroGuard Restroom After

Handicap Restroom Before

Handicap Restroom After

Statutes & Plaques


Pool Decks

HVAC Coils & Cabinets

Coated vs Un-coated cabinet

Un-coated vs Coated coils

View more photos in our gallery

As you can see, MicroGuard can be applied to a variety of surfaces. While it's most common application is on tile, it can also be applied to concrete, non-ferrous metals, and decorative stone. It can also be used as an anti-graffiti solution and to protect HVAC coils and cabinets

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