• To reduce risk of a personal or property injury
  • To help manage the flow of traffic on a freshly sealcoated asphalt parking lot
  • To meet all local, state, and federal laws
  • To meet national American Disability Act (ADA) code compliance.
  • To improve the aesthetics of your property

Pavement markings include stripes, shapes and symbols to indicate lane boundaries, guides for turning, crosswalk locations, and warnings of potential hazards. Pavement markings work in conjunction with road signs and traffic signals to give motorists a clear picture of the roadway’s characteristics. Because pavement markings are directly in the driver’s view of the road, they offer an effective means of communication.

When customers approach your facility, one of the first things whey will see is the parking lot. Customers willform an opinion of your business and how you treat clients based on the building’s exterior. Your clients want to do business with a company that looks clean, appears inviting, and cares about their safety. Restriping your parking lot annually or every 18 months is an economical way to spruce up your parking lot, enhance the safety of your customers, and comply with ADA requirements. Besides the benefits of improving your facility aesthetically, restriping your asphalt can also save you money by reducing accidents, maximizing parking, and making it easy for your client to access your business (which could in turn create more business for you!). Additionally, restriping helps keep fire lanes and handicap parking areas clearly visible.

Asphalt Stripe That Last

At GP Maintenance Solutions,we only use professional grade quality paint that is environmentally-friendly, and durable to create clear, crisp, long lasting pavement markings. Call us 808-682-6081 for a quote today!

Shirley Santa Maria
Division Manager
G P Maintenance Solutions