One Big Tip to Keep Pavement Looking Brand New

From the day that your new pavement is installed, it’s under attack by chemicals, the elements, and traffic load. Over time, your pavement will degrade. But we’ve got one big tip to keep your pavement looking brand new for years. Check out our slide deck below.


4 Reasons Not to Strip & Wax Surfaces (And What You Should Do Instead)

Stripping and waxing is not the only choice you have for protecting your surfaces. In fact, stripping and waxing can be a terribly inefficient use of your labor, time, and money. Instead, you may want to consider using a sealer, which has four distinct advantages over the traditional stripping and waxing process.
1. Waxing is too labor intensive

3 Practices to Avoid When Stripping & Waxing Floors

minimize-inconvenience.jpgI’ve seen a lot of gross restrooms, and most of the time the uncleanliness is due to poor stripping and waxing practices. Nobody likes a dirty restroom, but it seems that when it comes to maintaining restrooms, shortcuts are taken. Below are three of the most common practices I’ve observed when it comes to stripping and waxing floors, and why these shortcuts aren’t worth it.

4 Tips to Minimize Inconvenience to Tenants During A Sealcoating Project

minimize-inconvenience.jpgWhen planning a sealcoating project, one of your biggest concerns will be how long your tenants will be inconvenienced. You want to get the job done as quickly as possible while minimizing the time of inconvenience to your tenants. Below are 4 tips to minimize that inconvenience time:

1. Have the contractor work around your needs

Some contractors may treat your project as a cookie-cutter project, as in, if the parking lot falls within a certain set of parameters, it’ll automatically take X amount of days to finish. This leaves you with limited flexibility and could certainly cause a major inconvenience to your tenants.

Why Hawaii’s Environment Accelerates the Rate of Pavement Failure

pavement-failure-1.pngHave you ever wondered how or why asphalt pavement degrades? Here in Hawaii, we do not have harsh winters that cause freeze-thaw damage where water damages pavement by switching between solid and liquid states. But other harmful elements such as UV radiation and rainfall are prevalent in the islands. While it is assumed that asphalt pavements will last twenty years or more, the truth is that Hawaii’s environment can accelerate the rate of pavement failure.

Prevent Large Asphalt Pavement Repair Costs


You might say you cannot afford to maintain your parking lot’s asphalt pavement.

I say you cannot afford to NOT maintain your asphalt pavement. Here’s why:

Your asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate immediately. Day 1 of your asphalt’s life will be the best condition your asphalt will ever be. Beginning of Day 2, your asphalt will gradually deteriorate over time if not protected and maintained.

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Project Profile: University of Hawaii Cancer Center

uhcc-image-1.pngThe University of Hawaii Cancer Center opened a new building at the John A. Burns School of Medicine in February 2013. The building has five floors totaling 21,000 square feet of light colored porcelain tile on their walkways and common areas. Management needed a cost-effective solution to keep maintenance of the porcelain tile simple so more time could be devoted to the exterior upkeep.


uhcc-image-2.pngLocated in Kakaako, the building has an open-air design and is about 100 yards from the ocean—leaving the porcelain tiles exposed to salt air and UV rays.

Developing an Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Plan

asphalt-pavement-1.pngI believe that educating clients about their parking lot maintenance needs is critically important in developing a well thought-out maintenance plan. You not only need to know what kind of repair work needs to be done, but you also need to come up with a maintenance schedule to prevent repair work from negatively impacting your business and tenants.

I would like to share with you a project that I recently worked on. I was asked by our client; a property manager, to visit a large, aged, and not very well maintained parking lot. She asked for my assessment of the parking lot’s condition and for my asphalt pavement maintenance recommendations. While walking the lot I noticed that:

Why You Should Protect Tile & Grout With A Sealer Instead Of Wax


Most property managers will wax (and strip) their tile because it’s the only maintenance process they are familiar with.But I want to let you know you have a choice! An alternative to waxing is using a sealer.

Sealers, like waxing, prevent visible stains, smell, wear and scratches on tile and grout. However, sealers like MicroGuard have some great advantages over wax, especially when it comes to reducing maintenance costs.

Below area couple reasons why you should consider using a sealer on tile and grout (as opposed to waxing).


Energy Efficiency & Maintenance Tips For Your HVAC

energy-efficiency.pngHawaii sees constant sunshine year round, so you may be running your air conditioner more often to keep your home or business cool. The summer months can especially put a strain on your electric bill. Jeffery Orloff, former Guide, offers 7 easy tips to make your AC work more efficiently this summer.

Check out his article here:Top 7 Make Your Air Conditioner Work More Efficiently

Here’s a brief overview of his 7 tips: