About "The Origin of the Adsil Technology"

In a world of “Me-Too” coating technologies and surface cleaners, Adsil sets the standard for Preserving, Prolonging & Protecting your valuable assets. Adsil’s patented technology, covering inorganic protective coatings and treatments, has “raised the bar” to a level none of our competitor’s coatings can match.

To date, Adsil has been awarded three (3) patents, based on the formula optimization of the work accomplished by Dr. John B. Schutt, building on his decades-long research. Five (5) additional patents are pending. The company currently manufactures and distributes a full line of clear, inorganic coatings stemming from composition of matter and process patents, under the trademark brand names of MicroGrip®, MicroGuard®, MicroKleen®.

These brand names describe our patented family of inert, inorganic, oligomeric, siloxane products, which cure at ambient temperature. These cross-link cured deposits produce a glass-like film that creates an ultra-thin, micron-depth layering of inorganic crystals, which forms a homogenous interlinking network that chemically bonds to non-ferrous metals and other surfaces.

Adsil Technology Summary

  • Patent #5.929,159 (granted on 07/27/99)
  • Patent #6,432,191 (granted on 05/13/02)
  • Patent #6,451,382 (granted on 09/17/02)