Repair Potholes

Potholes often develop because of damage to your pavement's base course. After your pavement has become oxidized, cracks form and then turn into alligator cracks. These alligator cracks then develop into individual potholes.

We provide several ways to repair potholes

Using a pothole patch: our pothole patch material will last anywhere from one to two years (depending on vehicular traffic) and prevents water from entering the base course. This allows you more time to permanently fix the pothole by digging it out and recompacting.

Infrared asphalt repair: We use an infrared machien to heat up the damaged area, dig it out, and then recompact with new asphalt. 

Contact us for an asphalt inspection. We'll visit your site and provide recommendations for how you can best maintain and rejuvenate your asphalt pavement.